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What we have achieved as Hispanics and what remains pending

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated nationally from September 15 to October 15. This month honors and celebrates all the cultures that make up the Latino community and allows the community to come together as one. We recognize the achievements, contributions, and honor all Hispanics/Latinos in Latin America and the United States. Hispano(a) refers to a person who is from, or a descendant of someone who is from a Spanish-speaking country. Latino(a) or “Latinx” refers to a person who is from or a descendant of someone who is from a Latin American country.

Throughout this blog, we will focus on the achievements that Hispanics have had and also on the things that are still pending. Although the Hispanic community continues to thrive and is one of the strongest and fighter communities, we still have a long way to go before we can say, we did it!

Each and every day, Latinos continue to fight for that American dream and leave their mark on the community. “Currently, 60 million people in the United States identify as Hispanic or Latino. This represents 18% of the population, making them a minority with the greatest presence” The Latin Way. One of the notable contributions that Latinos bring to the United States is the Spanish-speaking language. It has become one of the most used languages. It is clear that the Hispanic community continues to grow and expand in the United States!

Strong Latinas:
“Latinas have demonstrated their strength and ability in all disciplines and fields, including the sciences, the arts, law, and politics” Google Arts & Culture. Now I want to share with you an inspiring Latina who has made history in the United States and in Hispanic culture, Sonia Sotomayor. Sonia became the first Latina judge in the Supreme Court Justice in United States history. During her time on the Supreme Court, Sotomayor has worked tirelessly to be the voice of women and ethnic minorities in criminal justice reform. She is just one example of many other Hispanics who are writing the history of this country with great power.

What is pending:
The Hispanic community always strives to achieve more. So what else is left to do and keep fighting for? Latinos still continue to face discrimination in fair treatment at work and in access to higher education. According to ABC News, “Latinos are more likely to be in low-paying jobs and are underrepresented when it comes to management positions.” Latinos continue to be absent in certain areas of work. Especially Latina women, who also face gender discrimination.

The educational system has been created to fail minority groups, especially Latinos. ABC News says that, “Latinos make up the second largest group of students in schools, and they are the fastest growing population.” Latinos continue to be absent or underrepresented in the educational system, which does not meet the needs of Latino students. This feeling of hopelessness by students, limits their educational options and opportunities.
What we have achieved as a Hispanic community is immense, but what remains pending is just as important, so it is time to focus, educate ourselves and continue dreaming big and united.

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