Amazing Stories

Many women and men are taking the step towards their personal construction, towards a better life, towards the company that they never imagined they could have.

When we have to deal with everything but we continue walking in circles, we remain stuck in situations that hurt and are pending to be resolved, we put them aside to avoid conflict and we profess that time will heal them, the only thing we achieve is for years to pass by with no changes, on the contrary, the situations will worsen.

It is not enough to reach the top and be an excellent professional if you are unhappy. This is what Cristal tells us about her process.
Cristal Corral Macias
Norma left 23 years of marriage, multiple infidelities, abuse and abandonment, to become a successful and happy business woman.
Norma Figueroa
Maria's story is a story of liberation, battle, perseverance and transformation for her and her family.
María Castañeda
Business woman, wife and mother.
Alejandra gave herself the opportunity to find the love of her life: herself. An encounter process that led to turn her life around.
Mara González
Master in Communications
After five years stagnant, Diedra will start and start again. Her clarity and transformation process began immediately. She got the job she was looking for, got married, and started an amazing life.
Diedra Espinoza
Business woman, CEO, wife
She went from being a superwoman to set free herself and letting herself be loved. His story is that of many Hispanics who are overloaded with work because we believe that we do not need anyone.
Miriam Goethals
Entrepreneur, wife, mother, daughter, coach