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About Rocío

I focus on working with leaders, companies, and entrepreneurs.

My Story

Rocío Durán is a certified Life Coach (CTI Institute) with more than 20 years of experience helping people of different backgrounds, genders and ages. Specialized in working with companies, entrepreneurs and businesswomen to take them to their next level.

With more than 20 years of experience, my work in the world of transformation, begins with the influence of my mother, a warrior woman, a leader in her community and whom I have always seen helping women especially.

Another important fact in my life, was my approach to religious life and my exploration with a community of nuns in Colombia, where thanks to my exposure to meditation for long hours, I was able to develop the ability to connect with my inner being and with a vivid and clear experience of God. Added to this, the full days of contemplation (Mindfulness) and work dedicated to the community projected me towards a life of service and in favor of the development of women, especially those in vulnerable conditions.

Professional Life

My training and certification as Life Coach, Dare to Lear and TTI trainer among many others help me to stay in the line of qualified professionals with the most current methods to provide high quality services. It is this whole set of tools that I put at the service of my clients.

My approach is based on a deep, developed and educated ability to listen, feel, navigate and dream beyond the limitations and stories without possibilities of my clients, which, hand in hand we rewrite and cleanse of fears and impossibilities. My approach is born in the certainty that no one is harmed but has built a history that takes him away from his true personal mission. My task is to help the person to rewrite the story of his life from his strengths and not from his shortcomings.


"When you learn to fly, you will no longer be afraid of heights"

The retreats, a way to expand your limits.

Traveling with Rociolifecoach team means being able to open your mind and heart to experience reality in a mindful way. Every day we will have a group exercise and a personal reflection about what really matters in life. This is a trip that will change how you see life and its possibilities.

Our passage through this planet is very short, let’s take advantage of the possibility that we have to create, choose, be.

You just have to do it!

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