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Retreat Breckenridge

Join us for an encounter of liberation for you, and for the ones you love. The time has come to "Face the fear of your greatness".

Get EMPOWERED, reach your goals by living in charge of your life!

This retreat is presented in a unique format that allows all participants to gain hands-on experience using all the elements in their own lives or practice.

This 3-day, 2-night retreat offers a sacred place to be present, and to invest yourself into the expansion of awareness within ourselves, others and the universe through meditation, hiking, healing food, well-being tips, art expression, and experiential family constellations lead by experienced professionals.

The retreat includes:

  • Two nights’ accommodation.
  • All meals, farm-to-table, organic, grass fed, and gluten-free. Please notify us of special dietary needs upon registration.
  • Workshop of Art Therapy
  • Daily morning meditation sessions.
  • Access to walking and meditation trails and hot tubs on property
  • Workshop book and personal guide-journal

Our mentors

Irma Iris De Jesús

Irma, born in Caguas Puerto Rico daughter of Alberto a farmer and Irma a dressmaker and stylist. I am the fourth of 5 sisters. My academic formation began with a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico in Cayey, then I decided to pursue my Master’s Degree at the University of Turabo in Gurabo PR obtaining an MA degree in Counseling Psychology. This training allowed me to take the revalidation to practice psychology in Puerto Rico and also aspire to the national examination of professional counseling to practice counseling in Puerto Rico and soon in the United States (I am in the process).

I also have a certificate in Professional Coaching (where Mindset and Transitions was born) and several Mindfulness courses for stress management from the Mindfulness Institute of PR and Self-Compassion practices from the Mindfulness Center of the University of San Diego CA.

I have collaborated as a psychologist contractor in Mental Health Programs in both the private and public sector in Puerto Rico. Among some of them , Partial Hospitalization Programs , Outpatient Programs , Employee Assistance Programs and Government Education Systems.

Among my most recent projects is Mindset and Transitions, which is based on providing professional coaching services to all professionals and college students who are in their transitions. The purpose of M & T is to provide guidance, goal clarification, action plan and skills development necessary for both professional and academic transitions. All from a collaborative space and focused on life balance. It arises from a need that I faced as a professional when I wanted to make my own professional transition, on the way many times I did not have the resources or information I needed to move forward, I identified the need and recognized that I could with my knowledge be a good resource and be able to accompany many people to achieve their academic and professional goals

Michelle Smith

Born and raised in Quito, Ecuador, I’m a product of a bilingual household. Always drawn to experience something bigger, ended up in Shanghai, China. It was there that I fell in love with yoga, longing that peaceful environment I had grown up in. Ultimately choosing Denver, CO as my base. Yoga offers the opportunity to deepen, focus and appreciate not only one-self, but also your surroundings. 

I have taught Vinyasa with a Bilingual focus for over six years, and practiced for ten. I’m an experienced “Registered Yoga Teacher” with over 900 hours of Trainings and Certifications with a Vinyasa/Restorative, Alignment, Yoga Therapeutics, and Physical Therapy focus.

My classes bring mindful movement into Vinyasa sequences to allow space to grow and deepen your practice, in both English and Spanish.

My goal is to create a safe place, to inspire my students to listen and connect with their bodies through intention, meditation, pranayama and asana. With a good musical selection, of course!

About the workshops

The Art of Mandalas

Mandala workshops aim at promoting centering, meditation, emotional expression, mood enhancement, and relaxation. The mandala will be explored through visual arts and movement.

Transform your Body and Mind

Experience the power of nature just by being present. Learn to be in your body instead of in your mind. Learn to listen to your body while you get connected to the whole universe. Allow nature to heal you. Those are some of the benefits of hiking meditation.

The Art of exploration

Through movement exploration, creative expression, the reflection of nature and moving as a collective, we aim to discover the synchronicities between our inner self and the collective energy. In hopes of understanding our own patterning, awakening our capacity to tap into and attune to vibration, and reconnect our patterning with our most authentic self, we gain access to the scared healing force of the profound pattern of the circle on a personal and universal level.

Healing yourself with Flavors

We lost contact with the real idea of food. We change it for cultural habits instead of our instinct to survive.

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Private Accomodation

$ 1,299

Our Happy Clients!

I have been with a lot of groups, retreats, and different types of therapy; this is exceptional with its combination of introspection and reconstruction it will help you find yourself and your own love. Beautiful experience, thank you Rocio Duran.

Miriam C. Goethals

A wonderful experience! Rocio is an excellent professional, and every moment cares for our individual needs. Never have I had such an experience that has helped me be conscious of my interior world, as well as getting to know the world of yoga and mindfulness.

María Castaneda

It was an unforgettable experience! I truly believe we should all give ourselves the opportunity to live through an encounter with ourselves, the connection to the nature, to the universe. Above all, prepare yourself to receive with open arms the blessings that come to your life! Truly a million thanks Rocio!!

Karreli Ortega

Training with Rocio was exactly what I needed to overcome all the insecurities that I’ve had for a long time. She pushes you beyond limits you never knew you had. 10/10 will train with her again.

Mafe Rodríguez

Rocio has a gift to change lives! If you have the opportunity to attend one of these retreats, you will not regret it!

Ale Glez

5 Stars!!! The retreat was truly a gift that changed my life.

Liliana Materon Valkoun

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