21 days of self love challenge

The program that helps you create self-love habits and identify and undo the heartbreak habits that have injured your life and that of the people around you. A program in which you will develop strength and skills to make the changes that you need in your life. !! Enjoy it !!

Making changes in our lives does not depend on our “will power” as we have always believed. In fact, if we have something that is fragile and vulnerable, it is this. On the other hand, throughout our lives we develop and nurture a series of heartbreak habits that only make us sicker.

The real root of the strength to make all the changes we want is in our love for ourselves and in the development of new habits of self-respect and liberation.

That is why it is urgent that we identify them and create new connections in our brain towards a “hygiene of self-love”.

In this program you will find

Can you imagine what it is to be you and not be afraid?

21 Days of Self-Love is the path of personal liberation that will lead you to create a better version of yourself.

VIDEO 1 . Clues to start preparing for 21 days of transformation.

I am going to give you a series of clues so that we can prepare ourselves to actually make significant changes in our lives. Stay connected.

Some words full of affection that inspire and motivate me to keep going

Ingrid Moreno

Rocio is not only a tremendously talented and professional woman, but also a woman full of humanity, charisma and a lot of empathy.

She was able to help me change my life quickly, even when I felt stagnant and frustrated, believing I knew what was holding me back and not knowing how to change it.

Rocio didn’t only help me discover the real problem and the fears of what was happening in my life at the time. The most important thing was that she helped me discover the great strength that I had within me and with this great gifts came along.

She helped me through every step of this process. We suffered it together and in the end, the reward was having changed my life and for her, having changed someone else's life, we enjoyed it together.

Without a doubt and with shut eyes, I recommend Rocio to anyone, if it's women, men or couples.

Without a doubt and with shut eyes, I recommend Rocio to anyone, if it's women, men or couples.

And you should have the conviction of wanting to change and improve, these are the perfect combination!

Rocío Almangui

After a few years in a new city, not being able to get too far, I felt the need to get support. A friend suggested that I reach out to Rocío.

At first, I was hesitant about coaching but like others before me, I decided to go for it.

Ever since that first call, I was reassured by Rocío's joyful presence and outstanding credentials.

Coaching is really a very brief part of what Rocío does.

To me, Rocío's approach combining formal, science-based psychology with the motivating aspect of coaching makes a unique and successful formula.

I feel supported and accompanied on my path, knowing that someone is by my side not only cheering for me but also connecting me with the right resources, taking into account the specific context and needs of women in this country.

Rocío has given me the tools to let go of things from the past and to think big, fearlessly about the present and the future. 

Ingrid Moreno

My great loss and my great recovery. This is dedicated to the person who has most helped me in my battle to live, to exist. To who managed to open my mind and heart without fear of being judged, Rocio del Pilar Duran.

In September 2019 I arrived at Rocío's office, convinced that she was not going to be able to help me, the reason was that every time I got a psychologist I scared them with my stories and they would run away or cry with me. But then, I followed my family's advice because they knew how broken my heart was and disoriented with what I wanted for my life, more than anything because my 19-year-old son had committed suicide at home and died in my arms in August 28th 2019, a month back, the greatest nightmare of any parent. I won’t lie, for more than one session I came to Rocio to announce my departure from this world, I begged her to tell my loved ones that I couldn’t bear any longer. However, Rocio managed to convince me not to do the same as my son, that life continues and just as it is true that my son is not here, it is true that Rocio has contributed to my decision not to die. 

Not only has the depression of losing one of my great treasures has been present, unfortunately, I have had thousands of traumas since my childhood, adolescence and adult life! Thanks to Rocio I have new plans and I look at life with more positivity. Accepting that my son exists in my spiritual life was very difficult but it was not impossible and of course I occasionally cry for not being able to see him physically, but I close my eyes and he is always there in a memory or by my side and I am sure that we will meet again. Rocio, a thousand thanks for not giving up on me, I will be eternally grateful to you for teaching me to overcome so many fears and so many losses in my life.