How to strengthen the sense of belonging in your company?

Did you know that sixty-seven percent (67%) of employees are unengaged or actively disconnected? According to Gallup’s recently released State of the American Workplace Report for 2017, eighty-five percent (85%) of employees are actively seeking or open to new job opportunities. The problem is, disengagement costs between $ 450 and $ 500 billion annually (Best Employee Eurvey).

There are many reasons why this is happening, in this blog we will mention some tools that will help you improve the belonging levels of your employees and therefore improve your production.

For every employee it is important both for their psychological and physical well-being, to feel that their work counts and that it is valuable for the company. This has a direct impact on the strengthening of group work and effective productivity. When these conditions are favorable, staff begin to set goals, commit, and place a high level of priority on their position and the circumstances around them.

A 2019 study conducted by Better Upen found that workplace belonging can lead to an estimated 56% increase in job performance, a 50% reduction in turnover risk, and a 75% decrease in sick days of employees.

The study found that a single incidence of “micro-exclusion” can lead to an immediate 25% decrease in the performance of an individual, in a team project, so employees who work more because of necessity than for a strong conviction and are indifferent to collective progress , the only thing that can promote is people who assist in “zombie mode” or autopilot to their jobs.

Next, we will mention 5 aspects for you to startup and help you consolidate the strengthening and creation of a deep-rooted sense of belonging, in your business team:

1. Get to know the employees: Leaders can’t stay on purely superficial aspects such as salary, monetary incentives and compliance with the tax regulations established by law, they must create spaces for socialization with their employees.

Depending on the mission and vision of the company, it is important to provide a dignified place that enhances the role of each worker within the company has become vital to build a much more human connection in which employees will be able not only to offer their capabilities to a company, but also this makes them happy.

Generating spaces to meet employees, their life project, their concerns, inconveniences and perception of the company for which they work and its processes is vital.

On the other hand, as the American GLINT portal mentions, when belonging is intentionally encouraged in the workplace, employees feel accepted within a community of people where members identify with each other around the feeling of share a purpose and the willingness to invest emotional energy for the benefit of the community.

2. Establishing a fair salary that has incentives according to the performance of each worker is essential. However, it is also necessary to take care of the emotional health of employees through activities and training that promote a good work environment, solidarity committees, worker support and an organizational culture department, can positively affect staff interactions with their bosses and work team.

3. Establish specific goals and responsibilities: For each employee to feel that their work is important within the company gear, it is necessary to make it known that their talents and the tasks they carry out are totally useful and essential for the organization.

Explain clearly the general and specific goals allows to workers to project themselves and not only strive to achieve the goals established for a short term with quality, but also to perform with excellence all the tasks that arise on a day-to-day basis.

New York Times in one of its articles titled: From Inclusion to Support: How to Build a Better Workplace “mentions that managers must be honest with their expectations: be explicit about how work is done and about communication preferences when employees are not present. There should be regular checks and recalibrations when is necessary. In offices where employees are generally expected to be present, employers should give examples of when it is acceptable to work from home.”

4. Opportunity to make a career and rise within the company: What better way to generate motivation in our industries and keep employees connected than trusting in their abilities and give them the opportunity to access positions with greater responsibility and remuneration. People with this type of incentive and recognition would think twice before leaving a place where it is evident that their greatest asset is human potential.

The article by Deloitte Insight : From comfort to connection to strong contributions to this situation: “When workers appreciate how their individual work helps to advance the goals they support and find meaningful, they are likely to be more engaged, more motivated and more likely to perform at a high level. level “.

5. Promote assertive and respectful communication: Know the communicative style of your employees, as well as deploy an internal and effective communication plan, contribute to all collaborators have access to relevant information on the different processes that the company manages, this with the objective that all departments in the company will be in the same harmony, feel included and connected with a purpose. In addition, this communication should always be framed in terms of cordiality and respect, even if a reprimand is expressed.

This is an invitation for you entrepreneur, to continue growing not only in terms of economic profitability but also by training and consolidating the most important part of your company: human resources.

Allow me to guide you in this and many other business transformation processes and take your potential and your work team beyond your limits.Let’s continue talking about this and many other topics on my YouTube channel or contact me let’s start the most significant transformation of your life.

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