You know the powerful tool to achive your goals called micro habits


Our daily habits are the basis for success in the short and long term, for this reason that it is essential to carefully review our repetitive behavior and ask ourselves a question, are they bringing us closer to our goals or are they driving us away? To create a new habit, we need to make changes both in our environment and in our attitude, changes that require effort, but are possible

According to Stephen Covey, author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, a habit is built from a change in perspective and over weeks and months of repetition focused on what we want to achieve with this change. And if we have chosen a somewhat complex habit such as going to the gym, eating better, studying a new career, sleeping better, staying motivated can be our greatest challenge. But this is where micro habits come into play. Let’s start by knowing what is a micro habit?

There are everyday actions that require minimal motivation or effort to be completed. These are very small steps that lead us to achieve a greater goal. These actions when get accumulatedare forming a habit of greater impact in our life. They are powerful tools to achieve our great goals almost without realizing it.

It is not necessary to have a long list of micro habits to increase your productivity, what really matters is that you have established the necessary ones according to your lifestyle.

Why do micro habits work?

The interesting thing about micro habits is that they are so simple that you can’t have an excuse to not develop them. As human beings, sometimes we believe that we can achieve everything in the short term, but when we see that it is “very difficult” and it does not work for us soon, we simply become unmotivated and abandon everything. That is why all those goals that we set for ourselves at the end of the year cannot be carried out.

But the good thing about putting micro habits into practice is that with them you will not give up, because if you put them in a proper way, they are very simple and you will not even think about the final results, while you safely advance towards them without realizing it.

As we said, with micro habits at the same time, you are developing the ability to be aware, a skill that is valuable in any area of your life.

If you have a long-term goal and want to increase your productivity and concentration, but without stablish impossible objectives, perhaps you should take micro habits into account. Remember that these work as tools: can break that repetitive cycle that is delaying the success of your goal. That is why they can be very useful both to improve your pro -activity and to have a much more organized day.

Characteristics of micro habits

1. It must be related to what you like or want to achieve, your final goal.
2. It must be something that you can do in 1 minute, as this makes it “micro”.
3. It must be something so small that it is difficult to fail or not execute.
4. You must increase your habit every day in a very small percentage to improve.You should focus on doing the habit rather than worrying about the outcome. Remember, you are developing the ability to be consistent.

Here we will give you 5 Tips to start using micro habits in 2021

  • Choose something you want to do and improve
  • Determine the path of least resistance to achieve your goal, the least you can do
  • Increase your habit daily, but too little. It should be so easy that you can’t say no.
  • Get started today• If it helps, write it down somewhere visible while you get used to doing it.

For example, if you want to read more, you can choose to read the first day for one minute, the second for 2 minutes and so on until you reach 30 minutes of daily reading in a month.

Micro habits that will help you increase your productivity
1. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual
2. Make your bed
3. Finish yourtasks even when you don’t feel like it
4. Spend a day without social media
5. Organize your finances
6. Give the necessary priority to your daily goals
7. Prepare the agenda for the next week the week before and the one for next day the night before
8. Use a timer for your tasks
9. Set a waiting period for expenses
10. Write down each idea, you never know when you can use them.

These are key tools for you to start this new year 2021 without excuses. What are you waiting for to create micro habits that will lead you to your goals? Start now.Remember to follow our social networks and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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