About Valentine’s Day Celebration, 4 tips to find the love of your life

The Valentine’s Day Celebration is coming, on February 14th, the perfect pretext for couples to show each other all that love they profess. Therefore, if you don’t have it yet, or if you plan to change, in this blog I will give you 4 tips to find the love of your life.

The SHARE AMERICA internet portal mentions that “Valentine’s Day is a profitable day for business. Around the world, around 1 billion Valentine’s cards are sold annually. Hallmark, (American card company), estimates that only in the United States about 114 million Valentine’s cards are sent per year”. So, if you are a businesswoman, this is a good opportunity for you.

However, with the new modern dynamics and other means of interacting that have emerged within society, Cupid is getting all his “crushes” back and the “anti-Valentine’s” festivities full of people who have stopped believing in love have become a trend. And the truth is, who said that you are just an orange ́s half and that you should go around the world begging for that other half? What if your orange is whole and you want to be part of a wonderful future?

Don’t be fooled; Valentine’s Day is an emotionally stressful day with a high business load. Their overwhelming marketing strategies send a frustrating message to singles regarding their condition, insinuating that having a partner is the fullest state of any person, that it should be one of the greatest goals to be fulfilled in life and thatif you don’t find yourself headed towards it, each time you will be further from being happy. So, being happily single is an option and if you are, don’t believe the pressure of society or your friends, rather enjoy it fully.

With first love experiences, we think that romantic relationships are a fairy tale, where harmony, love and butterflies are a daily constant, well let me tell you that on many occasions these stories are pure fantasy and that many of them are loaded with heavy doses of codependency, blackmail, jealousy, possession, and degrading and violent behaviors.

Knowing that having a partner is not necessarily the ideal state, in this blog we are going to explore some tips to find the love of your life. If, you no longer have it and the way to have a very balanced relationship with it.

I will start by mentioning that, if you are one of those people who have anchored their goals or life project to your partner, you are taking a wrong step and you can probably receive later, if you have not already done so, a sudden shock, sad and unexpected that will leave you empty-handed as a result of this.

1. The only person who you should really commit to all those dreams, goals and passions in your life project, is yourself. The person who fosters self-love every day, despite the fact that their circumstances and experiences have not been the most favorable and ideal, is the one with the greatest capacity to love sincerely. Howard Gardner, who developed the theory of Multiple Intelligences, mentioned in his studies that one of the intelligences that we possess is Intrapersonal Intelligence. It is an intelligence that allows us to know ourselves and internalize our feelings and emotions. Thanks to this kind of introspective intelligence, we can understand ourselves and understand each other. Thus, fostering this intelligence in us will be of great benefit in learning to love ourselves. Because by loving ourselves in a healthy way, we learn to love others without dependencies or demands.

It is essential to have self-love and well-defined personal projects as a basis and not put anyone above these.

2. There are no ideal men or women, it is culturally imposed stereotypes that have implanted this idea in us. Although it is worth mentioning that we know people with great human qualities and skills or who are physically attractive, this in itself does not imply that they do not have defects or issues within their emotional structure that they must work on daily. We all have things to improve.

But be careful, it is very important that your standards are high because that shows what level your self-esteem is at.

3. Give yourself the gift of being free… let go of your ties to that person you don’t love or for whom you feel sorry. In the end, it is you who hurt the most and you deserve to be fully happy and if leaving that person is the way, then take the step. Remember that your time on this planet is super short, so don’t waste it tied to your fears.

4. Focus on yourself and your goals, your time is this. Invest time in yourself, doing things that fill you with satisfaction and make you happy. Create a list of ways to show your love and put them into practice. For example, taking care of your body, eating healthy, exercising, cleaning your life of toxic people, cleaning your house and removing everything that hinders (Including your partner), studying the career of your dreams, finally starting your business are some of the ways you can show your self-love.

Feeling good about yourself both physically and mentally, allows us to create much healthier emotional bonds and identify in time those that are not so beneficial and not allow ourselves to be easily affected by negative and hurtful comments from others in front of us and don’t allow ourselves to be hurt by others just for having company.

Finishing this blog and if you have not realized it yet, I will introduce you to the great love of your life: You, even if you are in a relationship. So now every time you hear a song of those that say: “without you my life is over”, “without you I do not know where to go”, “without you I cannot live”, I hope you change “You” for the word “Me” and let it be a laugh or an inner smile that occurs, because you already know that like princes, toads, princesses and fairies, they are just pure fairy tales… and on Valentine’s Day there are many buying flowers just to… cover pain.

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