New year, new life and goodbay to procrastination

When the year’s end is coming, feelings such as nostalgia and dissatisfaction for having left plans that are of great importance for later appear along with this beautiful time.

We are preparing to carry out the annual closing, we become momentous and we even wonder where are we leading our lives? Are we trying hard enough to create the scenarios and circumstances that will make our dreams materialize? How many personal projects have been postponed? and it is at this point where it is impossible to ignore that bitter taste of dissatisfaction, frustration and stagnation that the closings of each year bring with them and the honest but cruel responses with which we have to respond to ourselves, since again we put aside our dreams, our goals.

Now, let’s start by talking about what procrastination is: it is the act of procrastination or the so-called “art” of delaying plans or activities that must be dealt with responsibly and creatively; replacing them with more comfortable, trivial and unimportant matters, perhaps because we do not have enough organization, autonomy and courage or dynamism to face them.

Did you know that fear is one of the allies of procrastination? Fear fulfills the function of a “mental shackle”, placing its stamp everywhere and preventing the mobility of its bearer: fear of change, fear of undertaking, fear of growing up, fear of saying what one feels and thinks, fear of failure and with this also the fear that others will say … returning to the routine of obedience, of the obsolete stories that create the false perception of the duty accomplished but that only widen a gap of deep emptiness in the heart, when we feel that we do not we give a definite purpose to our life that inspires us to love it and enjoy it fully.

From Rocio Life Coach, we want to invite you to think about the 365 days of opportunities that you will have ahead of you in 2021, to build that lasting happiness that you have always wanted. Remember that you are going to have to push yourself day by day to the fullest, without giving for a second space for defeats, or for the opinions of everyone around you, who like poisoned darts will weaken you, make you doubt and even make you lose your motivation.

In this blog we give you all the clues to challenge procrastination:

And change it to proactivity

Face the situation

Get out of the comfort zone

Act with determination

1. Facing the situation: Although this is the hardest step in the whole process, it is the most decisive, since it leads to recognizing the problem and proposing strategies to combat it, no matter how hard. Identify the situation or bad habits that lead you to constantly procrastinate, this is key to stopping these practices that do not conduce to anything positive.
2. Leaving the comfort zone: Forcing yourself every day to carry out the tasks that you have pending, whether personal or work, immediately, effectively and with quality, is crucial if dealing with procrastination is about. Try to make an effort to do your tasks in a different, creative and productive way each day, this offers you the opportunity to develop divergent thinking and see the comfort zones not as a benefit, but as a limitation to expand horizons and perspectives.
3. Act with determination: Take strong action and move from thought to action, not tomorrow, not next week… now! Remember that lost time is never made up again.
New Year’s Eve can be the perfect pretext to close this cycle and that “self-evaluation of life” that it is hard to us so much and that we prefer to avoid daily, but that is necessary and that invites us to pay a tribute to the existence.

This year has taught us that this time what matters most is not the number of gifts that fill the base of the Christmas tree and its size, but the happy, calm, self-confident and healthy people who are in our lives. They will surely be your motive, inspiration and will help you to give strength to overcome procrastination.


Rocío Life Coach

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