Women’s strategies to facing and survive the pandemic

In these pandemic times , women, especially Hispanics and black ladies , We have been the most vulnerable and affected population group. It is not only about the risk of contagion with the virus, it is that situations such as lockdown, the laws that forced them to close their establishments, having to take care of children who do not go to school because they are closed, among others factors have increased the gender gap.

Of course, there have been some aids such as the SBA, however, some researchers state that about 90% of women owners of small businesses have not received or will not receive the PPA called, because financial institutions have concentrated on favoring their old clients. In addition to the idea above, it has been found that the largest and most consolidated banks approve 60% of loans to Anglo-Saxon women (White), leaving the Hispanic and black ladies community with much lower percentages.

In the middle of this situation as critical as the one is facing the world in 2020, and perceiving that resources are scarce, there is nothing left than organize ourselves as women and create strategies that help us all. Here are some of the ways about how the women of the world are transforming, innovating, and rethinking the way of doing business in these crisis times.

First that all, we have to understand that this is not a time for unhealthy competitions that are looking for another woman getting out of the market dynamics, but it is an opportunity to create strategic alliances that strengthen the female participants involved and open spaces for each one, even when they belong to the same industry.

When what emerges is a group of female entrepreneurs who know and are clear about their objective and are aware of those unique capabilities that make them different from the rest, the only thing that can be expected is that when they work together, they are going to have a much greater impact than they could have as sole entrepreneurs.

Therefore, facing the reality that is affecting us so crudely, I propose five (5) strategies to support each other, make us stronger and grow against all predictions and any pandemic or other natural or social disaster.

1. Make alliances between same industry entrepreneurs to strengthen our companies, save money on marketing and in other ways while we support mutually. Think about who could be an excellent ally for you.
2. Recommending each other Women can promote each other by collaborating on projects and by working on them, we can recognize each other’s strengths so that we don’t have to go alone on those projects. Remember that everything you sow will bear fruit at some point.
3. Hire female employees or services; If you have a party, hire a DJ, a photographer, a chef, in short, everything you need, look for it in the female sector and in the community instead of chain stores. In this way, you are allowing the money to stay and circulate in your community, meanwhile, you give work to other women entrepreneurs. This way you could also make valuable connections that will give you more visibility as a businesswoman.
4. Use social media to refer our colleagues, managers on LinkedIn, to send thank you notes by email, referencing other women and their businesses. You are going to receive the same from this, in fact, let’s create an alliance and do this together.
5. Think big and use resources with your new allies to reach your goals.
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