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It has happened to many of us that it is quite difficult to be clear and concise. It is hard for us to ask for what we want and to say what we think. We forget that the essence of communication is to make ourselves be understood, understanding a topic and making decisions.

Somehow we forget that communication is the pillar of every human relationship. Learning to speak clearly is an axis of vital importance in order to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships, in which it is possible to reach agreements and understand the point of view of others beyond our differences.

If we see this on a relationship level, as a couple, speaking clearly becomes a priority, even if it scares us, in order for love to remain healthy. This requires practice, so start as soon as possible, you will see that in no time the two of you will be speaking on the same terms.

Communication is complicated when it is transmitted from confusing and contradictory positions which only manage to create confusion. For example, people who today have one position and tomorrow have another, just because their emotions change, or there are people who make a decision and after talking to different people change their mind on each idea that is proposed to them without being able to find their own point of view.

Why do you have to learn to speak clearly? Because, whomever it is, the person we are communicating with doesn’t know what we are thinking. The best way for you to find out is to give the information that is needed so that you can create and understand the conversation. Give clear names, titles, documents and examples without going overboard on a single issue. Learn to get to the point.

Saying things delicately can be a bit counterproductive, since half of what you said was not heard and the other half of your conversation was taken as shy or manipulative. Going right to the heart of the matter you are going to discuss can be a bit uncomfortable for both of you, both for him and for you, but this is the best way to communicate both in life and in business.

Not talking about the difficult topics and not asking the complex questions makes problems worse and confidence disappears. The time to “take the bull by the horns” and talk about what you need to solve is now.

Next, I am going to leave you tips to learn to be more concrete, clear and specific, when communicating with people at work:

1. If you speak or write, start with what’s important people’s attention span is decreasing due to the consumption of social media that has led us to become more mechanical, multitasking has thousands of distractions and notifications. So, you have to capture the attention of others without wasting time, going to the central point as soon as possible in all kinds of spaces, videoconferences, meetings, calls, but especially in emails.

2. Know clearly the three golden coordinates, WHAT (is what has to be done), WHO (has to do it) and WHEN (it has to be done). Always keep them in mind, also, with the dates, always say them clearly (delivery times, deadlines, etc.)

3. Ask for things now, don’t wait until the last minute if you have 1,000 pending things, others have 1,001 so, if you have to ask for something, or someone has to do something and your calendar may be affected, don’t trust yourself and move. Eliminate from your mind that phrase of “there is plenty of time” no, there is not, because the deadlines that your mind calculates are unreal. Oh and don’t wait for anyone to give you things … act, ask for them.

4. Follow up on issues of utmost importance, your mission is not to go after people by reminding them what to do and when. But there are situations and projects that require extra attention on your part. Remember that you are the leader of your project so don’t be afraid to ask for information, progress and notes about it. As a leader you have the responsibility to be informed in real time.

5. Try to let go of your fears express yourself well, when you have researched a specific topic and have formed a clear opinion about something, it will make you more confident in what you speak and thus not worry so much about the opinions of others. But in the end, speak up, be clear, even if you are afraid of the other’s reaction. Most of the time the real reactions are not close to the Greek tragedies that we make up in our heads.

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