Ways in which we give up our personal power

Power is the ability that human beings have to generate action in ourselves, in other beings and in our environment. We all have the same power, it does not depend on our social, economic, gender or racial position. The problem is that we don’t know this and we believe the story that others have the power and we have to accept this.

We have been taught that power is something that works outside of us and depends on an external resource. If we stop for a moment to review the history of humanity, the exercise of power has always been based on something that we must previously have and that, above all, has to be recognized by others as a symbol of that power, such as money, surname, education, among others. Then power becomes something psychological, intangible and even “mysterious”.

Accepting this as a reality is the first step in giving up power. Many of us, when we look in the mirror we find ourselves wondering why our life seems to always drown in the same glass of water. We try to put our best face on, but we know that deep down we smell of fraud, of loss. In other words, we end up being an unrecognizable version of ourselves.

We are so used to the mask that we put on or that we let others put on us, that we no longer know who we were. We forget that deep down we are the same, really the same. We become completely the character that others decide we are and by allowing it we give up our personal power completely.

What if we learn to relate to others from our essence? Without manipulating or trampling to get something of it, our relationships would be much healthier and as a result this would have a great impact on the world. What if we give ourselves our place and demand that others treat us as we deserve?

When we talk about giving up our personal power, there are many scenarios in which this situation is evident and one of them is with our partners. How many times have we given all our personal power to our partner or someone who seemed to make us happy? Many times, out of fear of abandonment we end up completely losing our personal freedom and our own personality. We even end up distancing ourselves from our family to please the other, or leaving our career, our body, our dreams and even the way we like to dress to please the other. These are some of the ways we give up our personal power so we will continually depend on others.

We show you below 7 ways how we give up our power so that you can check yourself and realize that maybe you are doing it, but you do not recognize it as such:

1. You give time to nonsense and neglect your priorities

2. You do everything your partner asks you to do so they don’t get mad

3. We wait for the “hand of heaven” or that someone else comes to save us or tell us what to do

4. We keep silence to not “disturb others”

5. We give in to fear of criticism

6. We pass everything through the money filter

7. We surrender to the “you can’t” or we blame

The good news is that we can regain our power and here we share 4 ways to regain our personal power:

1. Connect with ourselves, with our inner power, through silence, self-observation, etc. Perhaps a good way to do this is through meditation. Learn about our values, our abilities, our strengths (Making a list and sharing it with someone who appreciates us can help in this process).

2. Being aware of what we say and say to ourselves, without giving up our emotional power to others. Our words are key, for example, when we tend to excuse ourselves for everything, if that stops you, start to control your words and avoid excusing yourself.

3. Live life a little slower … stop the dizzying rhythms or at least slow them down a bit.

4. Speak clearly about what we want and what we are committed to.

5. Become aware of what are, our unconscious beliefs that govern our life and our personal power. Correct those that we are noticing that we use to give up our power to.

Take care and protect your personal power, it is your greatest treasure. If after reading this blog you feel you need help, do not hesitate to contact me by entering my website https://www.rociolifecoach.com/ or by sending a message via email to rocio@rociolifecoach.com

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