Why do we have fears? How to control it

“Brave is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

Nelson Mandela

We all, without exception, feel fear. Fear is a distressing disturbance of the mood due to real or imagined risk or harm. It is a very common feeling with which we are born and that, in certain situations, helps us protect ourselves from danger and to be prudent. However, sometimes fears are irrational, toxic, and greatly limit our potential.

Fear aims to challenge you to break your chains and thus be free to create your own path. This feeling of anxiety caused by our anticipation of some imagined event is a biological reaction of our body to a group of signals that it interprets as fearful. However, by facing fear you conquer yourself and open your life to new possibilities.

It is very important to know how to live with fear and accept that it will always accompany us and can appear in any decision we make.

It is very important to learn to identify our fears, because when we know where they come from, we can begin to control them. Being aware of our fears and finding the root of them is the first step to ending them.

According to studies there are 6 basic fears from which all the rest of our fears are born:

1. Fear of death ;The fear of ceasing to exist, better known as fear of death, comes from a primary feeling of all human beings for survival. This is where the fear of heights comes from.
2. Loss of autonomy; the fear of being paralyzed, immobilized, imprisoned or controlled by circumstances that are beyond our control. In its physical reaction it is known as claustrophobia.
3. Loneliness;This fear is related to the panic of abandonment, rejection or feeling despised.
4. Fear of mutilation; the fear of losing any part of our body, just the idea of ​​having limits in the mobility of our body or of losing the integrity of any organ, part of the body, or natural function.
5. Damages to the ego; the fear of feeling humiliated, embarrassed or any other disapproving situation that threatens the loss of our integrity also known as ego death.
6. Fear of being who we are; fear of recognizing ourselves, and displaying our true nature, the fear of being prevents us from putting ourselves in the place that really corresponds to us, it prevents us from manifesting our essence.
In the end, fears end up being the physical reaction to the stories that we have created in our head. The good news is that in the same way we create them, we can transform them.

We leave you 5 keys to overcome your fears so you can start today.

1. Stop running away, when you are afraid of something, it is normal for you to make excuses to avoid it at all costs. All this reaction does is generate more fear as it is chasing you with more force. So it is time to confront them, you will notice that they are actually less big than you feared.
2. Stop denying them, many people find it difficult to accept that they are afraid, they deceive themselves. That is why it is important to welcome fear, it is the first step to face it.
3. Stop fighting, do not see fear as an enemy that must be defeated because it will always win you. Sometimes you just have to feel it and know that it is on your side to protect you, but that you have the power to change that story that is making you suffer.
4. Become a friend of your fears, allow yourself to feel the fear in your body. Observe it and identify how it manifests in your body, what it is. Do your hands sweat? Do you blush? Does your heart race? Does your voice tremble? What happens to you when you feel afraid? When you identify all these reactions, realize that it is only a bodily sensation, you are not going to die from it and thus you will begin to be able to face them.
5. Face them as an opportunity to grow, change your perspective and see fears as great teachers that challenge you to go beyond yourself.
Fear will always accompany you as you continue to grow, it is only about transcending your fears, changing your stories. You are much bigger than all those fears created by your mind, you are the writer of your life, write stories of triumph, not of paralyzing fear.

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