The power of mantras and how to use them

Did you know that just by repeating a few words it can help you calm down and even more, to make changes in your life? These words are called Mantras and here we´ll tell you what they are and how to use them.
In our society it’s not very common to talk about mantras since many people don’t even know what they are, their power and much less how to use them. In this blog we will give you all the necessary information for you to discover their power and begin to use them to make changes in your life.
¿What is a Mantra and what are they for?
Mantra Is a Sanskrit Word (Classic Language from India), which means man (mind) tra (liberation). Mantras are powerful because they help us change how our mind works, as we try to comprehend our inner self.
Mantras were also one of the very first components of yoga and probably the first type of meditation that was developed. Mantra is considered a type of music that when sung can achieve changes in the mood, relaxation, calmness, and clarity. It doesn’t matter if the mantra is not sung perfectly, it will still leave a very strong impression on the mind.
As we mentioned before, mantra means “releasing energy” or “liberation of the mind”. And it´s the sound vibrations that have the power of influencing our brain waves. ¡It Works, I use them all the time!
The Practice of mantra meditation creates an incredibly subtle impact but a truly profound one. Repeating a mantra provides the meditator with a point of focus and increases his concentration.
¿How does it work?
Mantras have a Sonic presence (sound) that stick to our body and can be felt by creating waves that travel throughout our inner being (mind) and outer being (body).
Reciting a mantra is one of the easiest ways of meditation, you sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and you start to repeat the mantra silently or out loud whichever you prefer. You must pay attention to the speed and rhythm of the chant; you must be slow and feel its vibration. You can also do this while you are on the bus, walking or even cooking. Or when you are in a space where you feel there is a lot of tension. Obviously in these less traditional scenarios you will have to do it mentally, but it will still have a relaxing effect on you.
You must allow your mind to focus on the mantra, let go of your thoughts and at the same time your breathing must be slow and deep. A mala (Bead necklace) can be used to count the series of 108 repetitions of the mantra.

Benefits of mantras
A psychologist from Harvard University carried out a study, from which he concluded that repeating a mantra for 10 to 20 minutes a day can lead to a state of relaxation.
These are the 7 most important benefits of practicing a mantra daily:

  1. The nervous system is regulated, stress and anxiety are reduced. Additionally, it can bring well-being and good humor.
  2. Eases pain.
  3. Improves your creative ability and concentration.
  4. Boosts your immune system
  5. Reduces production of stress hormones
  6. Enhances motivation.
  7. Prevents illnesses that can be caused by high levels of stress.

Exercises for the use of mantras
It’s ideal to follow these 8 steps to achieve higher levels of focus, relaxation, and mental control:

  1. It is Ideal to find a place where we will not be interrupted.
  2. Choose a mantra that you like or that will help you achieve your objectives and goals.
  3. Identify what is the goal of the meditation.
  4. Focus your breathing for a lapse of 5 minutes. Follow the rhythm that your body dictates naturally.
  5. Start saying the mantra by taking a Deep breath and vocalizing it while you exhale.
  6. Extend the mantra as much as you can, but without forcing it.
  7. Keep a rhythm until you minimize it and you are in complete silence
  8. Enjoy the silence for as much as you want

These are the 4 most common spiritual mantras that can help you
• OM
• I love myself
• I am

Any moment can be the right one to find a space of peace and relaxation, everything is in the mind and the control we have over it, through the repetition of a mantra.
Start practicing today and tell us how it goes, I love them and use them every day, especially when I am under a lot of stress.

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