Quarantine Suicides

We know that we are not in an easy situation. This isolation has provoked havoc worldwide. Throughout this mandatory isolation we have witnessed multiple tragedies, the pain and financial hardships caused by COVID 19 are creating a mental health crisis in the United States, researchers warn that the suicide rate could worsen, and it is already on the rise.
Research done by the Well Being Trust and researchers affiliated with the American Academy of Family Physicians found that in the next wave of the pandemic, an additional 75,000 people could die of “despair” due to the coronavirus crisis, which is suicide and substance abuse.
Jeffrey Reynolds, president of a Long Island-based nonprofit social service agency, the association of children and families, said, “Social isolation protects us from a contagious virus that is life-threatening but at the same time puts people at risk for the leading causes of death in the United States: suicide, overdose and illnesses related to alcohol abuse.” The suicide statistics in this quarantine are not exact yet, although we know that they have been increasing.
Another important factor influencing these types of cases is unemployment, despair over economic problems, stress and uncertainty are leading to the worst outcome. These people lock themselves in this circle, filling themselves with negative thoughts without being able to get help or seek it for themselves, so they only find one solution; killing themselves.
A study by the American nonprofit organization Kaiser Family Foundation revealed that 26% of people who earn less than $ 40,000 a year said that “the virus had a significant negative impact on their mental health” while the 14% of people who earn $ 90 thousand dollars or more a year said that for them it was the same, it does not affect them.
It is clear that for people with emotional problems this confinement is not the best help. Just as many people are going through this quarantine with their families, many others are alone and this affects them even more because when they see everything that is happening around them, all kinds of negative thoughts come to them, one of them being suicide.
Some of the risks of suicidal behavior are: feeling lonely, being a burden to others, the presence of some mental or physical health illness, which produces emotional suffering and high levels of stress and anxiety. Being literally isolated, people at risk for suicide are emotionally at risk too.
Although little has been heard on this topic in news and social networks, it is a fact that it is happening. People with depression and anxiety problems, others with problems such as alcohol and even drugs, in addition to loneliness, have to be isolated.
A clear case that this is actually happening occurred in California, a teenager as young as 15 years old apparently committed suicide due to the stress caused by the quarantine to curb infections in this country.
The mother of the victim asks other parents to be closer to their children to help them with their emotions during this pandemic in order of preventing such cases as her daughter’s.
If this is your case or you are going through a similar situation, seek help, do not alienate your family or the people around you, keep your mind busy with all the technological aids that we currently have. Help yourself and let yourself be helped.
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