Happy day to all moms in quarantine

Perhaps this is the strangest Mother’s Day we have ever experienced. When this whole quarantine issue started we didn’t imagine it was going to last that long and we had no idea what this was going to be about. This pandemic has intervened in all kinds of events such as births, birthdays, anniversaries and infinity of things, among them, sadly, wakes and burials and without a doubt, Mother’s Day.

In this mandatory isolation we have gone through difficult times, but this is a day to celebrate even if it is from a distance, there is a saying around that states “every day of the year belongs to mothers”, and it is totally true but this time we are going to make it VERY special day, and from now on we will all celebrate.

This mother’s day Rocio Life Coach and her team want to honor them, celebrate their lives and thank them for all the daily work they do for us as children, for caring for our well-being and for getting us to the places we are now.

Those of us who are mothers know that children do not limit us to be entrepreneurs, on the contrary, we are clear that they are our motivation to achieve what we have dreamed of for years.

We dedicate this article to all the mothers, mommys and mamacitas who follow and accompany us, who have decided to continue fighting for better possibilities for themselves and their children every day of their life.


What we have learned from you !!!
We interviewed several mothers in Colorado who, with a lot of effort, have managed to take their company and their family forward. We asked them two questions:

How have you managed to lead a balanced work and family life? How difficult has it been to be a business mom? I would like to share their answers with you:

Time is gold; The combatant and entrepreneurial mothers who have managed to get ahead with their businesses (alone or with others) and who have not been stuck at all for being mothers, teach us that being an entrepreneurial mother is not easy, that time is money, and therefore they cannot waste it in the least. They tell us that they plan and execute their agenda without losing a single second to achieve stability between their work and family life.

Many of these mothers are not fortunate enough to have someone they can trust to leave their children with, so they manage as independent workers to organize time for their upbringing as well. It is not easy because, even if you are working from home, you must have clear focus and time for the company, and this is where your partner, the person you chose to be your life co-pilot, comes into play. It is the main support so that they can continue with their work just as they had it organized.

Being a single mother and an entrepreneur is very rewarding, but not easy. Angie Rodríguez tells us, “Being an entrepreneur has allowed me to manage my time around the most important thing, which are my daughters, although it requires a lot of discipline and sacrifice.”

-It is important to put responsibilities on their shoulders. Let them understand that things do not come alone. Help them to empathize with other people or situations and teach them to be grateful to God and with life for waking up every day, for breathing, walking, having a roof over their heads and food.

It requires many sacrifices and on many occasions, it makes me wonder if what I do is the right thing. I know that at the end of the day I am teaching them not to give up, not to depend on someone else, to continue fighting despite the adversities and that, although there are cloudy days, there is always an opportunity to try again and achieve their dreams. The best reward has been to see my daughters grow and see their achievements, to see that they are becoming good, strong and dreamy little women like their mother.-

The key for me was to get a “network” of friends, says Diana Cubillos T. “It was a difficult time in my life because I went through a separation and my daughter was just 3 years old, a help network was essential. I had a person who lived with me and helped me with the house chores so that I would not neglect my tasks as a mother and continue to grow in my profession as an agent that allowed me to work 70% from home.

Once my daughter grew older we had a circle of friends and one of them helped me most of the time to take care of Sofia when I could not be with her, but it is definitely about organizing time and prioritizing things to be able to get ahead, but at the same time, not neglecting the family.

That was something I always wanted to be very clear about, attending to my daughter’s needs since she was little, like bathing her, feeding her, and letting other people take care of what was cleaning and maintaining the house. ”

Say no; In order to achieve balance, you must learn to say NO to some clients who demand a lot of time, and it wouldn’t even make sense what I would earn with that client for neglecting my daughter. Diana teaches us.

As mothers, the ability to solve problems quickly and recursively also helps us overcome the difficulties we have or had in building our companies. From the beginning we saw in difficulties an opportunity to achieve our dreams.

More and more women occupy important positions in the business world. They create successful businesses and contribute to the development of the American economy. According to the American Express State of Women-Owned Business Report market research, women-owned businesses exceed 8.3 million, employ 7.7 million Americans and generate 1.2 trillion profits a year.

Within this group of women are our entrepreneurial mothers, who have overcome obstacles and have broken with the scheme of what a woman should be or represent in American society.

Many enterprising moms in the United States start with businesses from home, since these allow them to make money and at the same time not neglect their home. Important brands such as Mrs. Fields, Gerber and Baby Einstein were created by moms from their home.

So together, we are going to make this an unforgettable day for our mothers despite being in quarantine.

No matter the distance or the isolation there are infinite options so that they feel that we are close to them, here are some ideas for you to share with your family:

-breakfast delivery
-flowers sent home
-video calls
-cards with emotional messages
-virtual board games
-cook her favorite dish
-movie afternoon

This article is dedicated to all those enterprising and fighting mothers who go out of their way to get ahead every day, alone or with others, overcoming obstacles, bad comments and going through difficult times in their lives. Those who fall 10 times and get up 11 but always looking up, THANK YOU for choosing to be a MOM.


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