Create a life, a team, and a company where you fit with all your dreams.

In times of such radical changes as those present, remaining stuck in suffering, or in traditional ways of thinking, acting, living or doing business, is to condemn yourself to extinction. Coaching in this new era is not a luxury, it is a necessity.


Rocío Durán

Psychologist, Master’s in Social and Community Psychology with training and certification as Life Coach (CTI Institute).

With more than 10 years of experience helping people of different backgrounds, genders and ages. Specialized in working with women, businesswomen, mothers, wives and daughters.

Entrepreneur with a constant desire to expand her personal and professional borders.

Start your journey of happiness and success today!

Create a life, a team and a company where you fit with all your dreams.
Executive coaching, custom training multicultural programs, communication styles comprehension and better communication development.

For leaders

Get the right tools to develop your very own leadership style.

For teams

Develop a team where all can strengthen their superpowers and experience plenitude. All pulling together towards the same mission

For companies

We offer a holistic approach to help you develop and improve yourself, your team and company.

This amazing and tough hike on the beautiful mountains of Colorado will leave you speechless and proud of you,  your team, and family.

Be part of an amazing group of ladies exploring nature, stretching their minds and bodies to open space for the impossible.

Explore the paradise of Magic Realism. 4 nights and 5 days of meditation walking the beautiful beaches of Colombia, healthy food, exploration of the Sierra Nevada will give you and your team a different perspective about teamwork, life, and what is really important in this short visit to this planet.

The best way to reach your goals is to know them and write them down. This is not a normal journal. It has many years of experience and knowledge to help you using your subconscious mind to reach your goals.

A 3 days, 2 nights retreat that will change your perspective about your superpowers and your life plan and mission in this planet.

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